Our Top 10 Eco Friendly/Less Waste - Tips to better skin


  1. Daily cleansing with accurately balanced products, and depending on skin - avoid washing with tap water. Some products are used to promote waterless cleaning. 
  2. When using cleansing wipes or other naturally sourced materials to clean your face minimize the usage of materials as much as possible.
  3. Let skin air dry and/or pat dry with eco friendly/hygienic conscience tissue or reusable cloths.
  4. Once face is mostly dry apply small amounts of face lotions, serums and sprays according to your routine.
  5. Let the treatment be a part of your nightly routine accompanied with dimmed lights and cozy music playing if needed or enjoy a quiet unwind of your choice that you benefit from mind, body and soul before heading to bed.
  6. Make sure you set your nightly unwind apps and alerts to a decent hour of your choosing so that once you are ready for bed you gain the benefits of a good nights sleep.
  7. Water or a cup of tea with low glycemic sweetener of choice (Organic and natural is best) and if you choose zero sweetener you've done yourself a good deed.
  8. A book or music, perhaps a slow paced show on TV to help your mind wander into a magical land of dreams and worlds far away. 
  9. Adjust your pillow(s) to support your spine for better sleep (Invest in the best for yourself). You may also want to consider using a satin eye pillow to block out unnecessary light. 
  10. All the pointers above are to help you decrease stress in your life which in turn reflects on your skin. Sweet Dreams.

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