5 Eco Friendly Tips On Healthy Hair/ Reducing Your Carbon Footprint


These 10 tips will be a helpful guide to anyone. No matter wether our hair is coarse, thin, wavy, straight, short, long, shoulder, any length and from any array of styles. When traveling or for an every day look.h 

  1. Wash your hair but more importantly keep your scalp healthy if you want the best results. With a natural based hair treatment or hair mask of choice you'd not only protect your wallets you would also contribute to conserving Mother Earth.
  2. Align your hair washing and conditioning (if needed) with your schedule every week and tweak if necessary - less is more. Cut your water usage in half by dividing hair and body washing to fewer times a week and save an additional 5 - 10 min by timing your showers to under 10 min if possible. Your hair will become healthier with limiting hair washing to 2 - 3 times a week. A little goes a long way.
  3. Depending on your scalps natural biology, Myself and Our team here recommend a more organic approach in hair products we have a few selections and we are adding more to our store like deep conditioners and soon different types of organic based shampoos for all hair types and hair chemistry. 
  4. Air Dry or Towel Dry your hair more often than you normally do, this ensures your hair safe from heat damage due to prolonged usage of flat irons, blowdryers and the many different heating tools out on the market. You also conserve energy which in turn helps you save a little money. 
  5. Use Clean Products there are so many companies out here making organic based beauty products and they tend to use recycled material to put their products in. Hair protectants drops, oils, serums and such. The list goes on and you can experience the luxury of nice hair while putting your effort in eliminating your carbon footprint on our beautiful planet.

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